Proprietary Rights Restrictions: 

  1.    ANY email attachments/uploaded files sent/received from AdCircus, LLC or downloaded from any AdCircus, LLC link contain private, confidential and privileged material. Any and all Web Design, Advertising, print material, graphics, logos, photos, creative writing, videos, music including, without limitation, all informational text, photographs, graphics, audio, video, messages, files, documents, images, or other materials (collectively, the “Materials”), whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, as well as all derivative works, are owned by AdCircus, LLC including anything at all “Created By AdCircus, LLC” is confidential and the intellectual property of AdCircus, LLC.
  2.    All photography and video footage both raw and complete are licensed “Rights Managed” intellectual property of AdCircus, LLC. And may not be used without written permission from AdCircus, LLC and its Partners. Any review, editing, disclosure, copying, or distribution of this communication (or any attachments) by someone other than ADCircus, LLC including another advertising agency, marketing agency, CRM Company, designer, web designer, print production company, or online printing company is strictly prohibited. All photography will be watermarked when electronically transmitted for liability and licensed rights-managed purposes.
  3.    All print projects will be printed by AdCircus, LLC or a printing company representing AdCircus, LLC. All projects will be controlled/orchestrated from concept to a completed printed deliverable by AdCircus, LLC for reasons of liability and branding continuity.  AdCircus, LLC will not utilize alternative vendors/logins or upload files to other vendors belonging to or working for any company other than AdCircus, LLC. including client vendors or third-party marketing companies.